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At Pacific Integrative Health, our mission is to uplift the health and well-being of Pacific Islander communities. When you partner with us, you're embracing a movement devoted to effecting positive change through advocacy, ground-breaking public health initiatives, and engaging with our communities actively. Together, we're forging a lasting impact by advocating for comprehensive wellness and nurturing a future where Pacific Islander populations thrive vibrantly. Join our commitment to fostering resilient, healthier communities throughout the Pacific.


Pacific Integrative Health Inc.

At Pacific Integrative Health, our board comprises a dynamic coalition drawn from diverse industries, each member boasting extensive hands-on experience in the Pacific region. Augmenting this expertise, our team includes dedicated professionals in accounting and law, ensuring unwavering financial integrity and legal compliance. This collective, enriched by diverse perspectives and deep regional insight, fuels our dedication to nurturing comprehensive health solutions for Pacific Islander communities.

Cairns Pacific Hub

Guided by Pacific Integrative Health Inc., the Cairns Pacific Hub is dedicated to uplifting the health and well-being of Pacific Islander communities. We enthusiastically welcome expressions of interest from individuals deeply passionate about effecting positive change within these communities. Please complete the form to share your interest. However, we kindly ask individuals currently involved in partnerships with Pacific Integrative Health to refrain from Board membership due to potential conflicts of interest.


Program Delivery

Come aboard our journey as we champion the advancement of health and wellness in Pacific Islander communities through program delivery, impactful public health initiatives, disease prevention, and vibrant community development. We extend an open invitation to forge partnerships with individuals or existing organizations passionate about making a significant difference. Complete our form to delve into collaborative opportunities and join our collective endeavours towards fostering healthier, flourishing Pacific communities.

International Health & Development

Discover the potential for partnership with Pacific Integrative Health to propel the enhancement of health and well-being among Pacific Islander populations. Engage with us in initiatives focused on empowering and elevating the skills of community health workers, crafting impactful programs, and delivering crucial services. We eagerly seek collaborations with organizations already deeply passionate about fostering positive change. Are you ready to unite strengths? Complete our form and become a vital part of our collective endeavor to nurture healthier Pacific communities.

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