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Welcome to Pacific Food Champions

Our Focus: Improving Health and Well-being in Pacific Islander Children

At Pacific Food Champions, our core mission revolves around addressing the pressing concern of chronic health conditions among Pacific Islander children. We emphasize the pivotal role of food in overall well-being, recognizing that a culturally sensitive approach is crucial in enhancing health awareness and literacy among this demographic.

Preventable Chronic Diseases: Our Commitment

Diet-related chronic diseases are preventable, and our commitment is unwavering in equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to mitigate these risks and manage existing conditions effectively.

Cultural Approach: Empowering Health Awareness

We adopt a cultural lens in promoting health awareness and literacy among Pacific Islander children.


Embracing the potency of cultural foods in fostering healthier lifestyles while preserving the rich heritage of Pacific Islander communities, our focus lies in amplifying health consciousness. Through the celebration of traditional foods and culinary practices, our objective is to empower children to make informed choices benefiting their holistic well-being.

Confronting Chronic Diseases: Education and Advocacy

Our curated programs and initiatives are tailored to combat the prevalence of chronic diseases,  which disproportionately affect Pacific Islander communities. Through comprehensive education, advocacy, and immersive community engagement, our aim is to catalyse lasting positive change in the lives of our children and their families.

Join Our Journey Towards Healthier Generations

Together, as Pacific Food Champions, let's collaboratively work towards diminishing the prevalence of chronic diseases and nurturing healthier generations ahead.

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