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Pacific Integrative Health is building a multidisciplinary team, from diverse backgrounds and sectors to advocate for, support, and lead the way in supporting the health, well-being, and development of Pacific communities in Cairns and in the Pacific region.

The Executive Board, synonymous with the Board of Management, plays a pivotal role in steering the governance and strategic vision of the Pacific hub. As custodians of our mission, they meticulously guide day-to-day operations and pivotal decision-making processes, ensuring that our goals and aspirations are realized.

Key Responsibilities of the Board

Strategic Vision: At the helm, the Board charts the course for the Pacific hub’s journey. They scrutinize market landscapes, unearth growth prospects, and sculpt long-term objectives that align seamlessly with our mission and values, setting strategic priorities to chart our course.

Informed Decision-Making: The Board navigates critical decisions, weighing best practices and multiple perspectives. Their hallmark is sound judgment, always acting in the best interest of our communities and stakeholders.

Stewardship and Oversight: Leading by example, the Board oversees strategy execution, monitors progress, and upholds compliance with laws and ethical standards, ensuring our commitments are met.

Risk Mitigation: Proactive risk management is a cornerstone of their role. Identifying and addressing potential risks head-on, they safeguard our hub by implementing robust risk strategies and diligently monitoring exposure.

Financial Stewardship: Upholding financial oversight, the Board ensures the prudent management of resources.

Stakeholder Engagement: As torchbearers of our vision, they cultivate relationships with stakeholders, championing our mission among shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and the community. Their communication resonates, responding to concerns while nurturing goodwill.

Ethical Leadership: Ensuring compliance and ethical conduct, they establish a robust governance framework, fostering a culture of responsibility and integrity.

We warmly welcome individuals eager to contribute to our Board to complete the Expression Of Interest form.

Please note, while we cherish partnerships, the Expression of Interest (EOI) process is reserved for new entrants to maintain a conflict-free environment.

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