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Pacific Integrative Health, an Incorporated not-for-profit company, stands dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals and communities. Boasting over two decades of expertise in public health, international health, and development, we bring substantial experience to the forefront.

Our organization, committed to fostering public health initiatives and advocating for well-being in the Pacific region, deeply understands the diverse challenges and opportunities within this vibrant community. Pacific Integrative Health has earned recognition as a trusted leader in the realm of public health.

Demonstrating unwavering dedication, we offer extensive programs and initiatives that actively engage with local communities. Through partnerships with organizations, governments, and stakeholders, we forge sustainable solutions that uplift health outcomes and champion equity.

Whether it's advocating for health policies, community engagement, or crafting and delivering programs, Pacific Integrative Health consistently endeavours to make a profound positive impact on public health throughout the Pacific region. By addressing the social determinants of health and fostering community empowerment, our aim is to build a healthier, more resilient future for everyone.


We passionately advocate for Universal Health Coverage, championing a 'Health For All' approach that guarantees access to fair and culturally fitting services for everyone. Our focus is on enhancing the health of diverse population groups, constructing robust public health policies, fostering supportive environments, empowering community action, and reshaping health services to better serve individuals and communities.

We're driven by a simple yet powerful goal: empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge to lead healthy lives by effectively preventing and managing health conditions.


Our beliefs:

  • Health and well-being are holistic and include family, culture, physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects.

  • Health and well-being are family-centered and we are committed to fostering self-determination and promoting autonomy within individuals and families.


  • We are committed to supporting a holistic approach to health and well-being, not excluding cultural and faith-based practice when considering an individual's health and well-being.

  • We are determined to collaboratively achieve greater health and well-being outcomes for Pacific Islanders, First Nations people, remote communities, and Australian South Sea Islander communities through supporting cultural and faith-based interventions that support individual, family, and community well-being.

Pacific Integrative Health took root in 2003 during Serena's residency and work in Papua New Guinea.

Serena initially settled in Papua New Guinea in 2002, spending two years in the Eastern Highlands before relocating to Milne Bay Province for the subsequent years.

Serena's journey spans two decades of invaluable experience garnered while working in Papua New Guinea.

In July 2022, Pacific Integrative Health Inc. restructured and became incorporated, operating as a not-for-profit entity.

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