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“Cairns is a Pacific capital of Australia, a tropical capital of Australia. Cairns is very important to our engagement with the Pacific”.


Former Prime Minister, Scott Morrison (2019)


To propel the health and well-being of Pacific Islander and Maori communities in Cairns, Pacific Integrative Health passionately champions the establishment of a Pacific Hub. This vital initiative aims to foster pathway and referral partnerships, fortify connections with our sister city, Lae, and other Pacific Island nations. It's a platform designed to tackle the distinctive health challenges faced by Pacific Islanders, celebrate culture, and effectively deliver tailored health education and awareness programs. Together, we're shaping a brighter, healthier future for our communities.

What we already know


Cairns is blessed with the vibrant and diverse presence of Pacific Islander and Māori communities, weaving a tapestry of cultural richness into the city's fabric. Their impactful contributions shine through various cultural events and organizations established to honour and propagate their traditions. 

While official census data specifically tailored to Pacific Islanders and Māori people in Cairns might be lacking, the community is a mosaic of various groups, including Torres Strait Islanders, Papua New Guineans, Fijians, Samoans, Tongans, and New Zealanders, each bringing their unique heritage and traditions.

The establishment of a Pacific Hub stands as a beacon of promise and inclusivity. It serves as a crucial platform, offering equitable access to tailored services addressing the distinctive health challenges faced by these communities. Moreover, acting as a unified access point, the Hub would seamlessly connect Pacific and Māori communities with a broader network of stakeholders, fostering strong commitment and engagement across the Pacific region. Additionally, it provides an invaluable space to honour, celebrate, and sustain cultural practices, serving as a heart-warming reminder of heritage and identity.

Picture a Pacific Hub as the vibrant nexus that not only celebrates cultural diversity but also fosters strong connections between Cairns' businesses and the local Pacific and Māori communities. It's the conduit for deeper engagement, enhancing cultural awareness and understanding among businesses while creating invaluable linkages back to the communities they serve.

This initiative isn't just about bridging gaps; it's about fostering a genuine appreciation for the rich tapestry of Pacific Islander and Māori heritage within Cairns. Through these connections, the Hub becomes a catalyst for empowerment, offering Pacific Islanders in Cairns the tools and opportunities to actively participate in and contribute to service delivery.

By nurturing these partnerships, the Pacific Hub cultivates an environment where businesses not only thrive but also actively contribute to the social and cultural vibrancy of the city. It's a win-win scenario that amplifies diversity while enhancing the local economy and community spirit.



The proposal has successfully navigated its review phase and is now actively pursuing funding. This pivotal moment heralds a new chapter in the realization of an ambitious vision for the Pacific hub in Cairns.

This stage represents a firm stride forward, propelled by a confident belief in the project's potential to transform the community landscape. It's an opportune moment that radiates warmth, ignites hope, and paints a compelling picture of a future where cultural vibrancy intertwines seamlessly with community empowerment.

As the proposal seeks funding, it beckons with promise—a promise of inclusivity, unity, and the fostering of cultural appreciation. It's not merely a financial quest but a call to partners and stakeholders to join in nurturing a shared dream—a dream where the Pacific hub stands as a testament to diversity, resilience, and a thriving sense of belonging within Cairns.


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