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Serena has a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health,
Postgraduate studies in International Health and Development, a Bachelor in Complementary Medicine and is a registered Health Promotion Practitioner.

Serena - Normanton Island.jpg

Serena in a remote village in Papua New Guinea

Serena Booy stands as a powerful advocate, striving to elevate health outcomes for Pacific Islanders. With a focus on International Health and Development and as the driving force behind Pacific Integrative Health, Serena has devoted her career to addressing the health disparities prevalent among Pacific Islanders, who grapple with disproportionately high rates of chronic diseases and health complexities.

Amassing over two decades of expertise in International Health and Development as well as Public Health, Serena has emerged as a leading authority in Pacific Health.

Her commitment to improving Pacific Islander health stems from personal experiences while working in Papua New Guinea and witnessing first-hand the health struggles within her own family and community. She observed the profound impact of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, and obesity on the well-being of Pacific Islanders, recognizing the imperative for culturally responsive healthcare tailored to their distinct needs.


At Pacific Integrative Health, Serena embodies a holistic approach to health, addressing not just physical well-being but also the emotional and spiritual facets. She collaborates closely with Pacific Islanders, respecting their cultural values and traditions, integrating these insights into public health policies and programs.

Focal Point

A focal point of Serena's efforts revolves around disease prevention, health safeguarding, and promotion. Given the alarmingly high rates of chronic diseases among Pacific Islanders, she remains steadfast in innovating approaches, considering cultural and lifestyle factors that contribute to these health concerns.

As a vocal advocate, Serena passionately champions increased investment in disease prevention and the integration of Pacific Islanders into our Western healthcare model. Collaborating with various organizations and policymakers, she tirelessly raises awareness about the health disparities facing this population, advocating for policies that bridge these gaps.

Serena shares her wealth of knowledge and serves on multiple executive committees, driven by an unwavering passion to impart her insights to others.

Serena's impactful contributions extend to her roles on the Australian Health Promotion Association Committee from 2021 to 2023, as well as her position on the Tradelinked Cairns - PNG - Pacific Board of Management. She takes the helm as the Health and Well-Being Lead for Cairns South Together, further solidifying her commitment to driving positive change in health and well-being initiatives.

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