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Pacific Integrative Health seeks funding and support from individuals, organisations and government agencies to carry out its mission. We are committed to the highest ethical standards in the way we request and accept funds, keep records of gifts received and engage with current and potential supporters.


This document outlines key principles and ethical practices in relation to fundraising, including the administration of gifts, gift refusal and sponsorship.

Pacific Integrative Health believes that ethical fundraising is vital to its fundraising profession, community development, and non-profit community.


This policy applies to all fundraising activities conducted on behalf of Pacific Integrative Health by our employees, and volunteers. Fundraisers may be staff, contracted employees, interns, Directors, Ambassadors and/or volunteers. Non-staff fundraising activities are subject to the approval of Pacific Integrative Health.

Pacific Integrative Health is committed to conducting its fundraising activities to the highest ethical standards, valuing privacy, confidentiality, trust, and integrity. Pacific Integrative Health is committed to complying with all Federal and State laws and regulations applicable to Fundraising. We are open about the work we do, including how funds are raised, managed, and disbursed.

The following principles will guide our fundraising activities:


  • We seek to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with supporters

  • We will not exploit our relationships with supporters

  • We will fundraise with respect for the supporter’s free choice, without the use of pressure, undue influence, harassment, intimidation or coercion

  • We will provide supporters with accurate and timely information about how donations are used and the impact of their giving

  • We will use materials and techniques that respect the rights of beneficiaries of the gifts to preserve their dignity and self-respect

  • We will only use information that is accurate, truthful and not misleading

  • We will maintain appropriate professional relationships with supporters in connection with gifts or bequests

  • We will ensure that 100% of money given will be given to what it was designated for


Pacific Integrative Health is committed to treating supporters (including prospective supporters) with respect and will:

Promptly and courteously respect and comply with a supporter’s

  • decision to not donate

  • request to not receive any future communications

  • request to be contacted at a more convenient time or by a different method, and

  • request to limit the number, type or frequency of donation requests


Readily make available, on request, information about our fundraising, including:

  • Pacific Integrative Health’s objectives and how we intend to use the donated funds

  • the capacity to use donations effectively for their intended purposes

  • fundraising costs, fees and expenses and the way funds are raised

  • Each time we contact a supporter or prospective supporter, we provide information about how they can opt-out of receiving any further communications from Pacific Integrative Health

  • Ensure a supporter has given consent prior to any public recognition of their gift

  • Ensure appropriate security measures are in place to protect supporters’ information at all times.


Pacific Integrative Health is committed to ensuring our promotional materials:


  • Are truthful and accurately represent the context, situation, proposed solutions and intended meaning of information

  • Avoid material omissions, exaggerations, misleading visual portrayals and overstating the need or what the supporter’s response may achieve

  • Include Pacific Integrative Health name, ABN and purpose

  • Clearly state if there is a specific purpose of each donation

  • Do not contain depictions that are demeaning, discriminatory, pornographic or unduly violent towards a person or group or feature images of dead bodies or dying people

  • Only portray people in images or stories if free, prior and informed consent is obtained, and in the case of children, from their parents or guardians

  • Do not disparage or endanger the people they are portraying, or infringe on child protection policies, or show children in a naked and/or sexualised manner


Pacific Integrative Health is committed to efficient and transparent administrative procedures including:


  • Providing supporters with accurate and dated receipts, in a timely manner (receipts may be provided by an authorised third party in some circumstances)

  • Issuing receipts for fundraising collections such as raffles, auctions and proceeds from product sales for the net proceeds to the organiser

  • Producing financial reports that comply with national and international accounting standards

  • Respecting the privacy rights of supporters and complying with requests to remain anonymous

  • Promptly acting on requests to be removed from mailing lists without presenting obstacles

  • Complying with all Federal and State laws and regulations applicable to



Donations can be given with a request for the funds to be restricted for specific purposes.

Gifts of $2,500pa or over can be allocated to a particular program. Unless gifts are specifically requested for a particular purpose or program, gifts under $2,500pa are subject to Pacific Integrative Health discretion in terms of use and may be allocated as deemed appropriate by Pacific Integrative Health. Where appropriate, the supporter’s intentions for a donation will be sought and documented and Pacific Integrative Health will seek to honour those intentions while considering program needs.


When a preference is expressed for how a gift will be used, we refer to these gifts as designated funds and account for them separately so we can honour the supporter’s wishes. If after receiving such a gift, Pacific Integrative Health finds it is unable to meet the supporter’s wishes, we will communicate with the supporter to obtain their consent to use the gift for another purpose.



Pacific Integrative Health may decide at its absolute discretion to decline a gift. The CEO is authorised to accept or refuse a gift, after responsibly considering the consequences of accepting or refusing the gift and/or after consulting with members.


Gifts may be refused if:


  • We have reason to believe that the supporter is in vulnerable circumstances or lacks capacity to make a decision to donate

  • They impose or imply conditions that would limit, or appear to limit, Pacific Integrative Health ability to carry out its mission fully and impartially


  • There are real or apparent conflicts of interest between the mission, values and objectives of Pacific Integrative Health and those of the supporter, or the supporter’s policies or activities are incompatible with Pacific Integrative Health

  • They have the potential to adversely affect Pacific Integrative Health reputation or result in an adverse reaction from existing or potential supporters

  • Gifts are inadequate for the intended purpose

  • The cost of accepting the gift would be greater than the value of the gift

  • There is reason to believe that accepting the gift may give rise to litigation

  • Gifts are known to be the proceeds of criminal activity or obtained by illegal means, or

  • Gifts are indirectly given and routed through an unauthorised third party by an individual or organisation restricted by this policy



The above fundraising principles also apply to sponsorships. Pacific Integrative Health endeavours to establish clear expectations with sponsors through memorandums of understanding, regular engagement and impact reporting.

Typical sponsor benefits include event signage, logo usage and acknowledgment in publications.


Pacific Integrative Health is committed to a positive reputation and upholding its values, and may therefore decline sponsorships where there may be a conflict of interest or that may lead to adverse publicity. In addition, any proposed sponsors should have an appropriate public image and product and not carry an unreasonable cost associated with the sponsorship.



Business details

Legal name: Pacific Integrative Health Inc.

Trading name: Pacific Integrative Health

ABN: 36 262 478 942

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