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Join us in Shaping a Thriving Pacific Hub in Cairns


We are excited to announce a remarkable opportunity for Pacific Islanders living in Cairns to actively participate in the planning and development of a dedicated Pacific hub within our vibrant city. This initiative aims to create a space that celebrates and honors the diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions of Pacific Islander communities while fostering social, economic, and cultural prosperity. We invite you to lend your voices, experiences, and ideas to shape this visionary project and make it truly representative of our Pacific Islander communities in Cairns.



Cairns has long been recognized for its diverse cultures, and the Pacific Islander community holds a special place within this. With their rich heritage, warm hospitality, and invaluable contributions to various sectors, Pacific Islanders have added a unique and vibrant dimension to our city’s social fabric. In recognition of this, Pacific Integrative Health is advocating for a Pacific hub to meet the unique needs and aspirations of our Pacific Islander communities.


Why Does Your Input Matter?

Your perspective and insights are invaluable in ensuring that this Pacific hub accurately reflects the aspirations, desires, and needs of the Pacific Islander community. By participating in the planning and development process, you can help shape the infrastructure, services, and activities that will ultimately define the hub. Your input will help create a space that enhances community cohesion, promotes cultural preservation, supports community health and well-being, and fosters social connections.

How To Get Involved?

We invite all Pacific Islanders living in Cairns to actively engage in this endeavor. There are several ways you can contribute your thoughts and ideas:

  1. Community Consultation: Participate in organized community consultations where you can share your opinions, suggestions, and concerns. These consultations will provide a platform for open discussions and a collaborative approach toward building a vibrant Pacific hub.

  2. Online surveys: These surveys can be accessed through the Pacific Integrative Health website, will be easily accessible, and will provide an opportunity for you to express your thoughts conveniently.

  3. Community Events: Stay informed about community events focused on the Pacific hub. These events will provide opportunities to share experiences and contribute to the project while connecting with fellow Pacific Islanders in Cairns.


Next Step

To ensure you stay updated on all project-related news and activities, like us on Facebook or LinkedIn and visit our website regularly. We encourage you to spread the word within your community and encourage others to join this endeavor.



The establishment of a Pacific hub in Cairns is an exciting and transformative project, and your involvement is crucial for its success. By participating in the planning and development process, you have the power to shape a space that celebrates the vibrant Pacific Islander cultures, fosters a strong sense of community, and paves the way for a brighter future.

Let us come together to create a Pacific hub that is representative, inclusive, and beneficial to all.


Your voice matters, so join us today and have your say!

Join us today and have your say!

Your voice counts. To find out more, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for submitting!

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