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"Cultural Connections" embodies a commitment to ensuring equitable access to culturally appropriate healthcare services within the Australian system. Grounded in the United Nations' "Health for All" approach, this book advocates for inclusive practices that honor and respect the diverse cultural backgrounds of Pacific Islander populations in Australia. By highlighting the importance of cultural competence in healthcare delivery, it aims to bridge gaps in understanding and accessibility. Through insightful narratives and practical strategies, "Cultural Connections" encourages dialogue and action toward a more inclusive and equitable healthcare environment where every individual can receive care that is not only medically effective but also culturally sensitive and empowering.

"My Island Garden" is q public health initiative centered on food security, sustainability, and the promotion of traditional island foods.

This book celebrates the cultural richness of island diets and lifestyle practices while advocating for health and disease prevention.

"My Island Garden" encourages young readers to connect with their heritage and embrace nutritious, locally sourced foods. By fostering a deeper appreciation for traditional diets and promoting sustainable food practices, this initiative aims to cultivate healthier lifestyles and communities, ensuring a brighter, more resilient future for Pacific Islander children and their families.

Kids Gardening
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