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Welcome to Pacific Integrative Health

We are dedicated to promoting health equity and improving health outcomes for people of Pacific Islander heritage in Far North Queensland and the Pacific region. We achieve this through our initiatives in Public Health and International Health and Development.


Our vision 

To empower Pacific and Māori communities, ensuring their optimal health and well-being by championing health equity, addressing disparities, and offering culturally responsive, evidence-based public health solutions. We envisage a future where every Pacific Islander thrives, has access to timely healthcare, education, and resources for a fulfilling life.

Our approach involves forging partnerships with community allies, policymakers, and healthcare providers. Together, we're crafting a robust, sustainable public health framework that prioritizes the unique needs of Pacific Islander and Māori populations, fostering a culture of vitality and wellness.

Guided by our unwavering commitment to excellence, cultural humility, and social justice, we champion policies and programs that drive health equity and elevate health outcomes for Pacific and Māori communities.

Our mission

Our mission is crystal clear: to elevate the health and well-being of Pacific and Māori communities through culturally attuned, evidence-backed public health strategies. We're passionate about empowering Pacific Islanders and Māori individuals to own their health and well-being, offering access to education, resources, and unwavering support.

We're resolutely committed to tackling the distinctive health hurdles that Pacific and Māori communities face, from chronic diseases to environmental health risks and disparities. Collaborating closely with community members, community-based organizations, and government entities, our aim is to champion health equity and craft enduring solutions that significantly enhance health outcomes throughout the Pacific region.


What sets us apart is our extensive 20+ years of expertise in international health and development, community development, impactful public health interventions, advocacy, and health promotion.

We thrive on thinking innovatively, going beyond conventional boundaries to address critical public health concerns. Our focus spans vital areas like food security, health and well-being, the intersection of health and climate change, community development, and equity.

At our core is a steadfast commitment to nurturing genuine, respectful, and mutually beneficial partnerships with key stakeholders. It's through these collaborations that we bring our vision to life.

Our Six Focus Areas:


Advocacy | Community Engagement & Partnership | Program Delivery | Training


Cairns, Far North Queensland

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